Surgery is often a stressful time for many patients. So what is it about Mercy that keeps patients praising their experience in our Operating Room (OR)?

It's because your surgeon demands the best for you and receives it from our talented and compassionate staff.

From the close, personal attention and support each patient receives, to the clinical proficiency exhibited by our nurses and techs, the Mercy OR lives up to your doctor's high expectations.

Day Surgery

As modern medicine advances, more and more surgeries are being performed in a Day Surgery (outpatient) setting. This saves you money and reduces your recovery time significantly.

Mercy's OR staffdevotes the same high level of care and interest to Day Surgery patients as it does for those having complex inpatient surgery. The distinctive and comfortable preparation and recovery suites are staffed by nurses specializing in Day Surgery, while the actual surgery is attended by the same surgeons, OR nurses, and techs who care for our inpatients.

Any surgery that can be accomplished on an outpatient basis can be handled at Mercy Day Surgery. Best of all, Day Surgery at Mercy provides you the security of knowing that, should you ever need it, the back-up and support only a full-service hospital can provide are only seconds away.


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