Respiratory Services

Specially trained and licensed respiratory care professionals provide treatment of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD. The respiratory care team use a wide variety of treatment modalities for both inpatients and outpatients, including diagnostic pulmonary function testing and oxygen therapy.

Respiratory Supplies

In addition, Parkway Mobility and Medical Supply's professional staff supply and service the following respiratory therapy services:
· Sleep apnea supplies (CPAP and BIPAP)
· Nebulizer treatment
· Liquid, compressed, and concentrated oxygen
· Portable oxygen - demand or pulse systems
· Ventilators
· Tracheostomy care
· Aerosol therapy
· High pressure cylinders
· High volume heat or cool therapy
· Heated humidification
· Oximetry
· Suction
· Percussion equipment
· Specialized infant and pediatric care

Specialized services include:
· Respiratory care
· In-home appointments
· Travel care coordinator
· Spanish interpretation
· Insurance billing
· Educational programs
· Nutritional counseling
· Respiratory therapy follow-up (oxygen)

For complete information call Parkway Mobility and Medical Supply 677-2438.

Suggested Resources:

The American Lung Association's web site is a comprehensive online resource for information on asthma, other lung diseases and environmental health.



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