Cancer Care - Inpatient and outpatient services for individuals in all phases of cancer treatment are provided by chemotherapy-certified nurses and nationally certified oncology nurses.

Intensive Care Unit - Skilled ICU nurses closely follow the progress and attend to the needs of patients in serious or life-threatening conditions. The ICU is fully supported by sophisticated, computerized monitoring systems and is staffed by nurses who hold advanced certifications.

Medical Floor - Patients experiencing medical problems such as pneumonia or complications of cancer are cared for by medical floor nurses.

Pediatrics: The Children's Place - While most pediatric medical issues are handled on an outpatient basis, some still require a little time in the hospital. Children up to 15 years are cared for by trained and experienced pediatric nurses in this attractively designed unit.

Progressive Care Unit - PCU provides a transition from the ICU to standard hospital care. Patients are continuously monitored via telemetry from each room and are cared for by ICU-qualified nurses.

Surgical Floor - Specializing in post-surgical care, surgical floor nurses attend patients from the time they are released from the recovery room until discharged by the physician.


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