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Tackling An Alarming Trend: The Increasing Number of Female Athlete Knee Injuries

Sportsmetrics™ Program
Mercy Institute of Rehabilitation (MIR) has become a Certified Clinical Site for Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center’s nationally acclaimed Sportsmetrics™ program.  This 6-week program was designed to help athletes refine neuromuscular control of the lower limbs.  The research conducted has proven that females who participate in this jumping program are less likely to suffer a serious knee injury. This is an excellent program for female athletes over age 13.

High school and college age females who plays sports, should be aware of an alarming statistic – one out of every 100 high school and one out of every ten collegiate female athletes will suffer a serious knee injury this year. 

Researchers at the nationally acclaimed Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation have focused their efforts on neuromuscular differences between male and female athletes.  Dr. Noyes states that “Our findings show two differences in females.  First, there is a marked imbalance of strength and power between hamstrings and quadriceps in female athletes.  Women tend to depend on ligaments to protect their knee joints after a jump rather than controlling the inward or outward slack with muscles.  The second difference is that females land in a more valgus, or knock-kneed, position which increases the pressure on the knee joint.”

Sportsmetrics™ training is now available in Roseburg with Brianne Garrelts, DPT, at Mercy Institute of Rehabilitation.  If you are a high school/college female who plays sports, this program can improve performance, increase jumping height and reduce injuries. 

Don’t miss out on your season! Cost is $100. To sign up, please call 541-677-4546.

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