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Celebrating 100 Years of Caring for our Community

Mercy Medical Center has an ongoing commitment to provide each and every patient the very best in quality healthcare.  We recognize that patient care improvement is a continuous process.  We are engaged in measuring our quality performance to assure excellence.  Mercy is among hospitals participating in the Hospital Quality Alliance, a program managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to assess quality.  Since Mercy is affiliated with Catholic Health Initiatives, the nation’s second largest faith-based health care system, we also participate as a member of a nationwide team focusing on evidence-based practices to positively impact patient outcomes.  At Mercy, we recognize that when it comes to the quality of your healthcare, you expect and deserve treatment administered with compassion and respect.

Hospital Accreditation


Quality of Care

We understand the importance of providing a quality healthcare experience for our patients.  Though not all risks of death or complications can be eradicated, low mortality and high success rate indicate patient safety.  Underlying patient conditions will also affect risk assessment.  Our death rates for heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia patients are at or below the “U.S. National Rate” (Hospital Compare, 2011),

Mercy Medical Center has multiple departments and initiatives that work together in concert to assess and assure the best quality and most reliable safety.

Data Resource Management
Since effective quality and safety management is driven by legitimate and reliable date, the Quality Improvement Department collects, designs and reports data gathered for vital activities.

Infection Control
Infection prevention is our highest goal.  Mercy Medical Center has a physician Medical Director as well as a registered nurse devoted to implementation and maintaining infection control practices.

Mercy Medical Center is dedicated to promoting safe patient practices by implementing reliable systems designed to avert and mitigate errors.  Every person who visits Mercy, employees, visitor or patient, is assured a safe environment.  The safety focus extends from the hospital driveways to the patient beds and covers all departments.

Emergency Preparedness
A special group within Mercy Medical Center, working with outside agencies, coordinates the response to environmental hazards or multiple trauma events.  Periodic mock drills are run to assure a smooth response in the event of a real emergency situation.

Process Improvement
The Quality Improvement Department collaborates with the Medical Staff providers, nursing departments, and all other hospital departments to develop integrated solutions that augment best practices, which result in high quality care and service.

The Quality Improvement Department manages a wise-ranging program to monitor, evaluate and improve quality and operational processes that affect patient care.



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