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Roseburg, Ore. – Dr. Ajay Tripuraneni from the Shaw Heart and Vascular Center, a division of Mercy Medical Center has earned the distinction of being named a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS).

The FHRS designation distinguishes health care providers for their advanced training, certification, and specialization in the field of cardiac arrhythmia research and treatment, and serves as a credential for quality care.

“We are so proud to have Dr. Tripuraneni as part of our care team” said Howard Feldman, MD, FACC, SCAI, Medical Director of Shaw Heart and Vascular Center “His commitment to continuous learning and his dedication to serving our patients with the most advanced techniques make him an exemplary physician.”

“Fellows of the Heart Rhythm Society exemplify an extraordinary commitment to treating and ending the pain, suffering and death of our patients due to heart rhythm disorders,” said President of the Heart Rhythm Society, Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS. “The Heart Rhythm Society is very pleased to bestow this honor on Dr. Ajay Tripuaraneni.”

For more information about the Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society designation, visit

Mercy Foundation’s Healthy Kids Outreach Program Awarded $178,000 Grant for Dental Program

Mercy Foundation’s Healthy Kids Outreach Program (HKOP) has been awarded a three-year grant totaling $178,000 grant to support a school-based program that provides health education, health resource connections and medical and dental screening services to local children throughout the county.
The grant is provided by the Mission and Ministry Fund of Catholic Health Initiatives, the national health care system that includes Mercy Medical Center and Mercy Foundation.
“Finding new and innovative ways to improve the health of communities has always been the mission that guides CHI,” said Kevin Lofton, chief executive officer of Catholic Health Initiatives. “We’re very proud of the collaborative work that HKOP is doing in the community.”
Mercy Foundation’s Healthy Kids Outreach Program has the attributes Catholic Health Initiatives seeks when awarding Mission and Ministry Fund grants: it meets an identified community need, is innovative, able to be replicated and promotes collaboration with other organizations.
“We are thrilled to receive this grant and continue to improve the dental health of kids in Douglas County. The HKOP program is making huge strides in helping create good dental health habits and this grant funding allows to continue serving children in our county,” said Lisa Platt, president of Mercy Foundation.
Mercy Foundation’s HKOP was established in 2006 to provide health resources to area schools. HKOP staff function as health educators, working alongside school teaching staff to bring health education on topics such as hygiene, communicable disease prevention, nutrition and healthy choices to children grade levels K-12. In addition, they help children and their families with acute or ongoing health care issues access appropriate health care.
For additional information about this grant, or about the Healthy Kids Outreach Program, please call Lisa Platt, 541-677-4818.

Mercy’s Shaw Heart and Vascular Center Receives Shaw Foundation Grant to Support Electrophysiology and Vascular Programs

The Walden W. and Jean Young Shaw Foundation, a Chicago-based organization with a local Roseburg connection, recently awarded another generous grant to Mercy’s Shaw Heart and Vascular Center to purchase electrophysiology and vascular equipment that will further enhance services available to residents in Douglas County.
Shaw Heart and Vascular Director Connie Kinman states, “The Shaw Foundation has been so incredibly supportive over the years. Through their generosity we have been able to add new heart and vascular services for our patients. Their financial gifts support our efforts to continually improve patient care and we are very thankful for their dedication.”
The heart center will use the Shaw’s grant to purchase the Carto Sound ultrasound system and the Carto Merge. The Carto Sounds allows images of the heart to be obtained without exposing patients to additional radiation. It also increases patient safety during an electrophysiology procedure when an ablation (cautery) is performed near a vital structure such as the coronary arteries. The Carto Merge, allows the EP team to download and superimpose the images onto other images of the heart chambers.
In addition, the Shaw Foundation funds will be used to purchase Site Rite Vision II ultrasound equipment for the center’s peripheral/vascular program. Site Rite technology allows for ultrasound-guidance during venous catheterization (a catheter is placed into a large vein in the neck, chest or groin) procedures, and ensures targeting of the correct vein, detecting any anatomical difference in the patients and helping avoid arterial punctures.
Mercy’s Shaw and Vascular Center, named after the Shaw Foundation, was first brought to the attention of the foundation by one of its board members, Gordy Iler, a Roseburg resident who served on Mercy Foundation’s board for 9 years.

For additional information, please call Kathleen Nickel at 541- 677-2423.
For more information about Mercy’s Shaw Heart and Vascular Center visit:


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